Consumer Tips

Regardless of the heating/cooling system you have, following these tips will not only help you save money and conserve energy, but will also help keep your home safer and more comfortable. 

In Warmer Weather

  1. iS_13184811.jpgKeep drapes, blinds and shades closed during the day to block out heat.
  2. Clear furniture away from air conditioning vents, and close unused rooms and their vents.
  3. Installing a fan in your attic can cool your attic nearly 30 degrees!
  4. Keep outside air... out! It can infiltrate your home around poorly sealed doors, windows, electrical outlets, and through openings in exterior walls. Thorough caulking and weather stripping will control most of these air leaks.
  5. Roughly 40% of the unwanted heat that builds up in your home comes in through windows. Install reflective window coatings in order to reflect heat away from your home.
  6. Use daylight to illuminate your house. Also, if you use incandescent lamps, consider switching to LEDs. They use about 75% less energy and emit 90% less heat than incandescent lamps.


In Colder Weather

  1. iS_5392656.jpgFeel for air leaks around windows, doors and electrical outlets. Repair weather-stripping and caulk leaks. (Don't caulk around storm windows because that can hold in moisture and cause damage to the wood frame.)
  2. Replace cracked glass.
  3. Seal off your attic circulating fan with polyethylene and tape.
  4. Make sure you have at least 6" of good thermal insulation in your ceiling.
  5. Remove air conditioning window units or cover them well.
  6. Use storm windows and doors and make sure they fit tightly.
  7. If you don't have storm windows, cover the outside glass with polyethylene sheets.

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